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advertising terms and conditionsHere are our terms and conditions about working with the Long Term Rentals in France team to promote your property in France for long terms lets. We hope that you find our terms honest and straightforward, which is very much how we like to work.

We are a small, independent company that only has one business rule: we only like working with people we like working with. We would rather lose a commission than arrange a rental for a client who we think won't look after a property or will not honour a contract. Similarly, we dont want to arrange rentals in a property, if we don't think that the clients will be happy with the condition of the house and the Owners will ensure that problems are corrected.

We created this business because there was a gap in the market for providing long term rental accommodation for Foreign nationals in France. We have both rented properties in France and we have rented out our own properties to clients in France. So we have an understanding of both sides.

Advertising Services

Long Term Rentals in France provides independent Property Owners with an online marketing and reservation service, with the goal of sourcing rental clients and securing bookings. 

Long Term Rentals in France does not provide Property Management, Maintenance, Cleaning, Key-holding or ancillary services to the properties advertised. The Property Owner needs to arrange for these services separately.

Long Term Rentals in France is not a travel agent, relocation agency or a rentals letting agency. We act on behalf of the Property Owner as a booking agent and online marketing service. Our services are limited to marketing the rental property, drafting rental contracts and undertaking routine background checks on the suitability of any potential tenants.

Long Term Rentals in France does not charge property owners for advertising their property on the website. Only when a reservation is made, is a booking administration fee levied. The booking administration fee is 12% + TVA of the total rental price. The booking administration fee for long term rentals is capped at a maximum of one month’s rent plus TVA.

The Property will be advertised on Long Term Rentals in France and our sister website Go Languedoc. We also work with a number of affiliate companies, relocation agencies and specialist websites to further market the rental property.

The Property Owner is free to advertise the Property elsewhere and accept bookings at any time throughout the year, except where a booking has already been arranged and approved by the Property Owner through Long Term Rentals in France for the same period.


Rentals & Payments

Any rental agreement entered into for the letting of any of the properties within Long Term Rentals in France's  web pages, is expressly between the rental Client and the Owner of the property. 

Long Term Rentals in France is not a legal party in any of the rental agreements concluded through their web pages. Our services are limited to facilitiating the Rental Agreement between the Client and the Property Owner.

Long Term Rentals in France will offer advice on rental rates and marketing strategy for the rental property. We will respond to all pre-booking rental client enquiries and correspondence. Where necessary, we will arrange pre-reservation visits to the rental property by the Client and provide 360° virtual tours.

All rental payments are made direct to the Owner and Long Term Rentals in France does not hold any monies on behalf of either the Owner or the Tenant.

The Property Owner warrants that the leased property will comply with all regulations, laws or rules relating to property rentals in France. This includes all rules relating to facilities, maintenance, and safety devices for swimming pools, smoke detectors, chimneys and wood burners.

The Property Owner shall liaise with the rental clients during the property rental. This shall include arranging access to property, handover of keys and property inventory. The Property Owner and/or the Property Manager shall respond to and look to resolve all queries and complaints raised by the rental client during the rental period.


Background checks

Long Term Rentals in France may, on behalf of the Owner, undertake routine background checks on the rental clients, prior to rental contracts being issued.

The background checks will be limited to ensuring that the rental clients have sufficient financial resources to cover the rent and checking that the rental client has a valid passport/identity document and is not subject to any international arrest warrants. Additional information can also be requested to provide testament to the rental client’s good character.

We can also arrange for a telephone call, video conference or in-person meeting between the rental client and the Owner, prior to the rental contract being agreed, to provide the Owner with further reassurance about the suitability of the rental client.

Long Term Rentals in France gives no warranty to the Owner about the rental client continuing to pay the rent on time and for the full amount during the rental period. Neither are we able to warranty the Client's continued good character.


Layout and copy

Long Term Rentals in France will prepare and maintain website descriptions, photographs and information relative to the Property and local facilities, to conform to our standard web page format / layout. We reserve the right to determine the final layout, design and functionality of the web site.

The Property Owner will review and approve any draft adverts prepared for the rental property, prior to the advert appearing live on Long Term Rentals in France.

The Property Owner acknowledges that the details of the rental property advert are legally binding for the purpose of rental contracts entered into via the Agent’s websites.

Long Term Rentals in France can edit, copy or amend layouts or photographs supplied, should it be considered necessary (see Advertise with Long Term Rentals in France and Marketing your property in France for rentals for more details).

It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to ensure they have copyright or necessary permissions, to use the images and copy you send to us for use on the website. Long Term Rentals in France cannot be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws resulting from materials supplied by the Property Owners. 



Wherever possible we work hard to ensure that all information contained on Long Term Rentals in France is accurate and up to date. However, we can not accept any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisements, or any alleged breaches of contract, from information supplied and received in good faith.

The Property Owner must inform Long Term Rentals in France immediately should they make any alteration to the property or furnishings or if they are aware of any change in local facilities that would render the advertised description inaccurate or misrepresentative.

The Property Owner indemnifies Long Term Rentals in France against all costs, expenses and losses arising from a claim relating to the content of an advertisement.



Long Term Rentals in France does not claim that the website will be uninterrupted or error free. In no event will Long Term Rentals in France be liable to the Property Owner for any special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages caused to their property(s) including lost profits.

Long Term Rentals in France acts only as the Property Owner's booking agent and in the event of a rental dispute, is not authorised to enter into any correspondence with the Rental Client, unless this is specifically requested by the Property Owner.



Long Term Rentals in France has the right to refuse an advert for the website and reserves the right to remove the property from the database. Similarly, the Property Owner can request that adverts be removed from Long Term Rentals in France at any time.


Booking administration payment

Long Term Rentals in France charges a Booking Administration fee for all rentals arranged via the website or for Rental Clients introduced to the Property Owner.

The Booking Administration Fee is payable at the time that a Tenant has signed the rental contract and has paid the reservation deposit to the Owner. The booking administration fee is 12% + TVA of the total rental price. The administration fee for long term rentals is capped at a maximum of one month’s rent plus TVA.

Long Term Rentals in France will provide the Owner with an invoice for the Booking Administration Fee and this should be paid within 30 days of receipt.

Through prior agreement, Long Term Rentals in France may accept that the Booking Administration Fee can be paid in instalments throughout the rental period. In such cases, the Booking Administration Fee can be paid in no more than 4 instalments and the Booking Administration Fee will be 15% plus TVA (to cover additional invoicing costs).

Payments to Long Term Rentals in France must be in either euros (via a French bank or credit transfer) or in UK pounds sterling (via a UK bank or a credit transfer). You can also pay instantly by credit card through our Stripe and Revolut Merchant accounts (but there is an additional charge of 2.9% charge for this option).

In circumstances where the Tenant and Owner agree to extend / renew the rental period, the Agent will charge the Owner a one-off Administration Fee of €150 euros for issuing a new rental contract.


Legal jurisdiction

house-logoThese terms and conditions are governed by French Law and advertisers accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the French Courts to rule on any disputes. Long Term Rentals in France reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions.

Long Term Rentals in France is run in partnership with Artaxa IMMO SARL - Agence Immobilière. Titulaire de la carte professionelle de transaction 2008/34/2153, Délivré par la Préfecture de Montpellier. FNAISocietaire No. 40744 M. Numéro de TVA Intracommunataire FR63504336579

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