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Meet the team behind Long term rentals in France

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meet long term rentals france

Meet the successful team behind Long Term Rentals in France. The business has been operating in the Languedoc region of South France for over 17 years. We advertise high quality long term let properties throughout France. Our properties cover the all the popular rental locations such as the Languedoc, Provence, Midi-Pyrenees, Dordogne and Cote d'Azur. In addition to Long Term Rentals in France, we also run a complimentary websites: Go Languedoc (www.golanguedoc.com) which promotes holiday accommodation and touring holidays in the South of France.

2022 and 2023 were exceptionally busy years for us. We are anticipating that demand for 2024 long term rentals in France will be just as high and we are making plans to expand into additional areas of France, such as Pas-de-Calais, Normandy, Brittany and Charente-Maritime. 

We do not charge property owners for advertising their rental properties on Long Term Rentals in France. Instead, we simply take a low 12% booking commission for confirmed reservations.

We prepare the rentals adverts and we like to visit all of the properties that we advertise. For reservations, we handle most of the initial questions from customers and we undertake background checks and prepare the rental contracts.

Over a normal month, our websites receive over 25,000 individual visitors. Our objective is to be the premier website for long term lets in France.


Iain Laverock

iain pinkIain Laverock is Long Term Rentals in France's Webmaster. Iain designed and built Long Term Rentals in France and he ensures that the site remains high up the search engine rankings. Iain also writes many of articles on Long Term Rentals in France.

Aside from the technical skills in building websites, Iain has developed a specialism for boosting the performance of websites through search engine optimisation techniques. 

Iain, who originally hails from Cambridge in the UK, now lives in the Languedoc with his family. Iain has three great passions in his life. He loves to travel and write about new places to explore. He is a self-confessed 'sports fanatic' (and for his his sins, he has supported Manchester City football club since he was 7 years old - which may account for his lack of hair!). Finally, he loves the time he can now spend with his family in the sunny South of France. You can contact Iain by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); by telephone : +33 06 95 00 28 44.

Jane Laverock

janeJane Laverock is Long Term Rentals in France's Chief Operating Officer. Her role is to speedily respond to booking enquiries and general information requests. Jane handles all the correspondence with customers and liaises closely with property owners about availability, pricing and our promotional campaigns.

Originally from Edinburgh, Jane has retained her wonderful Scottish accent despite living outside of Scotland for the last 30 years. Jane has lived all over the world, including Australia, America, Asia and Germany, but is now firmly settled in the Languedoc.

Customers and property owners alike love dealing with Jane because she is on-the-ball, efficient and full of fun. Jane can be contacted by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.); by telephone :  +33 6 95 50 19 21.

Cécile Jehoulet

cecile jehouletCécile works as our Rental Agent in Dordogne and South-West France. Originally from Belgium, Cécile has been living in Dordogne since 2012. Together wiith her partner, Jérôme, she has run a successful B&B in Dordogne and she now operates a successful gite in the area.

Cécile's role is to source new properties for long term rental in Dordogne and South-West France and to conduct client visits in this area. If you have a property in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and you are interested in renting it out over the winter period, then contact Cécile to see how Long Term Rentals in France can help you attract clients and earn you more revenue. Cécile can be contacted by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by telephone: +33 6 52 04 57 30.

Sue Roke

sue rokeSue Roke is our Business Accounts Manager. It is Sue's role to issue all of our invoices to property owners when reservations are received for their properties. If you do decide to join Long Term Rentals in France and advertise your house with us, we hope that you will be hearing a lot from Sue! Sue also has the onerous task of compiling our annual accounts and statutory reports. Based near Cambridge in the UK, Sue is a frequent visitor to the South of France and has developed a keen interest in Languedoc wines.


More information

If you would like to speak to someone about advertising your property on Long term rentals in France, you can call Iain Laverock by Email or by phone +33 6 95 00 28 44. You will also find the following articles useful information to read:

Long Term Rentals in France is run in partnership with Artaxa IMMO SARL - Agence Immobilière. Titulaire de la carte professionelle de transaction 2008/34/2153, Délivré par la Préfecture de Montpellier. FNAISocietaire No. 40744 M. Numéro de TVA Intracommunataire FR63504336579. 

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    Long term rentals in France

    Long Term Rentals in France provides the largest selection of long term lets across the South of France, Dordogne and Northern France. Our properties are all personally inspected and available for rentals of between 3 to 12 months.

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