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cote d azur long term rentals franceSearch our current listing of Cote d'Azur long term rentals in France. This selection of rentals covers both coastal properties on the French Riviera and inland Cote d'Azur houses. Most properties will be available between October to May, although some will rent for a full 12 months. 

Please check the reservation calendars for the current availability or use the search bar below to enter your rental dates to find available properties. You can refine your search by clicking on the 'Show Filters' button and selecting the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and rental property features that you require.

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Ref: 1592
Prices from 2,250.00€  Per month 75.00€ For 1 Days


This Cote d´Azur villa for long term rentals is a spacious contemporary property, with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large open plan living room....
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Ref: 1645
Prices from 2,000.00€  Per month 66.67€ For 1 Days


This lovely 3 bed Cote d´Azur apartment in Ste Maxime, is available for long term rentals from October through to May. This first-floor apartment...

Sainte-Maxime, Cote dAzur, France

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Ref: 875
Prices from 2,405.00€  Per month 80.17€ For 1 Days


This spacious, high quality villa for long term winter holidays in France is situated on walking distance of the centre of Fayence in Provence-Cô...

Fayence, Cote dAzur, France

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Ref: 1435
Prices from 4,000.00€  Per month 133.33€ For 1 Days


This villa for monthly property rentals near Cannes, South France, comes with stunning sea views, 3 terraces and an infinity swimming pool. The v...

Theoule-sur-Mer, Cannes, Cote dAzur, France

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Ref: 1668
Prices from 950.00€  Per month 31.67€ For 1 Days


A spacious 1 bed sea view apartment for long term monthly rentals in Menton, France. From the terrace you overlook the beach in the picturesque F...
1666 Property 1666a215416071747423 1666 Property 1666a2b15416071747367 1666 Property 1666a315416071748659 1666 Property 1666a515416071748597 1666 Property 1666a615416071748799 1666 Property 1666a715416071748834 1666 Property 1666a815416071754595 1666 Property 1666a9154160717552
Ref: 1666
Prices from 2,950.00€  Per month 98.33€ For 1 Days


A high quality 4 bedroom long term rentals villa on the French Riviera. The villa has been finished to a very high standard and comes with air co...

Chateauneuf-de-Grasse, Cote dAzur, France

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Ref: 1727
Prices from 3,250.00€  Per month 108.33€ For 1 Days


This is a beautiful 4 bedroom villa in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Cannes, is available for long term rentals for 1-2 years. The villa is located in a ...

Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Cote dAzur, France

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Ref: 1810
Prices from 3,900.00€  Per month 130.00€ For 1 Days


3 bed villa on the French Riviera for long term rentals from September to June for €3900 pcm + bills. The villa is located on the outskirts of Mo...

Mougins, Cote dAzur, France

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