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The Lot department in central Southern France is a very popular area for customers searching for long term rentals in France. The Lot department borders Dordogne to the West and the city of Toulouse is 1 hour to the South.

The Lot contains some of the most beautiful villages in France, it is home to a large regional park, the Cahors wines are some of the best red wines in France and the local truffles, foie gras and Rocamadour cheese are celebrated throughout France.

The Lot is generally cheaper to live in compared to Dordogne, but its countryside is, I would say, much more beautiful. The countryside is pretty spectacular, with deep gorges, stunning villages and pre-historic caves. 


Lot department France

rocamadour lot franceRocamadour, Lot department, France

The Lot department has a population of just under 175,000 people. The population has been increasing steadily since the low point of the 1950s, when just 150,000 people lived here.

There are really only 2 major towns in the Lot department. There is the capital town of Cahors, with just over 19,000 people and the town of Figeac in the East of the Lot, with just under 10,000 people.

Climate in the Lot

loubressac lot franceLoubressac, Lot department, FranceIn terms of the climate in the Lot department, whilst the summers can be glorious, the winters can certainly get quite cold.

The temperatures in the summer months are for me absolutely perfect - averaging a pleasant 26°C / 77°F in July and August. You do get the odd heatwave and some summer storms, but in the main it is a very comfortable summer temperature, rarely getting above the mid-30's. You can also experience some lovely Indian summers in September and into October.

The Lot department receives roughly the average amount of rainfall for France (799mm per year), but it has an above average amount of sunshine (2135 hours per year). Depending on the altitude, the winters in the Lot can be quite cold (averaging 9°C / 47°F in December to February).

Economy in the Lot

lot department franceThe economy in the Lot is relatively healthy, with an unemployment rate of just 5.5%, compared to a national rate for France of 8.62%

Among the prominent local companies is Groupe Cahors, an energy distribution company and the Aeronautical company of Ratier-Figeac, which employs over 800 people around the town of Figeac and supplies equipment to Airbus in Toulouse. The Lot has a high percentage of Small & Medium size firms compared to other local departments, with over 200 companies based in the so called "Mecanic Vallée" a zone of aeronautical component companies stretching up from Toulouse.

The wine industry around Cahors is also very important for the local economy, producing over 20million bottles each year. The local wine industry is also expanding its involvement in so called wine tourism, through organising wine tours, tasting sessions, local food & wine fairs and holiday accommodation on vineyards

The tourism industry in the Lot is also a key employer and the sector makes up over 9% of the department's GDP. Over 2.5 million visitors come to the Lot each year, bringing in an income of €328 million. The government of the department has also invested heavily in upgrading the internet supply in the Lot, through the roll out of fibre and 5G resources.


Moving to the Lot

lot department market


In terms of house prices, the Lot compares very favourably to other departments in the Occitanie region. Out of 13 departments, house prices in the Lot are the 4th lowest (averaging at just €1,230 per m2). On average a 3 bed house will set you back around €147,000.

The cheap property prices in the Lot are attracting an increase in demand from buyers, with the French National Notaires body, calculating that prices in parts of the department have seen house price increases of nearly 10% in the 12 months to Q2 2021 [SOURCE: www.notaires.fr]

South-West France is extremely popular with Foreign residents moving to France. For example, over 17% of British people in France (24,900), live in the Ocitanie region (of which the Lot is a part) . According to the 2016 French Census, over 4.5% of the population of the Lot department is made up of foreign nationals, 80% of whom come from other European countries. 


Quercy and the Lot department

cahors valentre bridgeTour de France 2023 Cahors FranceThis part of France is known as Quercy, which was an ancient French province up until the French revolution. The capital of the Lot is Cahors, a pretty town of about 20,000 people, built on a big bend of the River Lot. 

Cahors is located on the ancient pilgrim route to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostella and its famous Valentré bridge over the River Lot is an UNESCO world heritage monument.

Cahors is known in France for 3 things: its local red wines, its rugby team and its local gastronomy.

Vineyards were first planted around Cahors by the Romans. The area is famous for producing deep red wines, often from Malbec grapes. The wines from Cahors are a successful international export, with Canada being an important market with 50% of export sales, but also the United States (14.5%) and China (8.6%). The wines are often marketed under the label of "Cahors Malbec".

Cahors is a famous French rugby town, with the rugby club dating back to 1908. The club were second Division champions in 1955 and 3 players were capped by the French national team (Dominique Harize (9 caps), Bernard Momméjat (22 caps) and Alfred Roques (30 caps)).

The countryside around Cahors is renowned for its gastronomy, including the production of truffles, foie gras , Quercy lamb, Quercy melon, walnuts and saffron.
Cahors is also home to an annual Blues Music Festival, which is the oldest festival of its kind in Europe. The first festival was held in 1982 and it has taken place every year since, except 2020. The festival takes place every year around July 14.

autoire lotThe village of Autoire, Lot departmentCahors is not the only site for a music festival in the Lot. The Ecaussystème is a contemporary music festival that takes place every year in the small village of Gignac situated right in the top corner of the Lot department where it meets the border or Dordogne and the Corrèze departments. The festival has been going since 2003 and it attracts some incredible artists. The 2023 festival will take place on the weekend of the 29-31 July 2023.

The central part of the Lot department is taken up by the Regional Natural Park of the Causses de Quercy. This area of outstanding natural beauty was first made an National Park of France in 1999. The park covers 185,000 hectares and is home to 32,000 people. The park contains many deep caves (such as Gouffre de Padirac), gorges, rivers and a limestone plateau. It also contains some very pretty villages such as BeauregardSauliac-sur-CéléSt Cirq LapopieCabrerets and Limogne-en-Quercy.

One particular attraction of the Caussess de Quercy regional park, is the exceptional air quality and lack of light pollution. In an area of the park called the black triangle of Quercy  the night sky is so clear that there has developed a specialised tourism sector dedicated to is a star gazing and astronomical observation. 

lot cajarcCajarc, Lot department

The Eastern edge of the Lot borders the Cantal department and is very pretty. The largest towns in this part of the Lot, are the historic town of Figeac and the former river port of Carjac. The villages of  Capdenac and Faycelles are amongst the prettiest villages in France.

The South-West part of the Lot is dominated by the Cahors vineyards that stretch out either side of the Lot river valley. This part of the department contains many pretty villages such as Puy l'EvequeAlbas (a lovely place nicknamed "Albas la Jolie" in French), Bonaguil with its famous Chateau, the fortified village of Castelnau-Montratier, the arts & crafts village of Montcuq, the hilltop village of Luzech and the popular villages of BelayePrayssac and Castelfranc.


lot countryside

The northern part of Lot, as it borders the Dordogne river valley is especially popular with our long term rental customers. The standout attraction in this part of the department is the medieval village of Rocamadour. This fortified village is a pilgrim site featuring a large stone staircase which pilgrims traditionally climbed on their knees, up to the Saint-Sauveur Basilica and the 6 chapels (Sainte-Anne, Saint-Blaise, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Notre-Dame, Saint-Louis and Saint-Michel). Rocamadour is reputedly the second most visited religious monument in France (after Mont-Saint-Michel).

Other popular destinations in the Northern part of the Lot include the medieval town of Martel, the villages of Carennac, Loubressac and Autoire and also the castles of Castelnau-Bretenoux and Château-de-Montal.

The Lot is home to 6 of the Most Beautiful villages in France:

  • In the eastern part of the department, in a deep gorge, is the pretty village of Autoire. Located between Figeac and Gramat, the countryside around Autoire is known as le causse, which refers to the rocky limestone plateau of the Massif Central. In the village there are many stone mansions with typical brown tiled roofs. 
  • Cardaillac is a small medieval village also located in the Eastern part of the Lot, close to  Figeac. Cardaillac was the home of one of the most prominent families in the old Quercy province (descended from the 13th Century knight, Bertrand III de Cardaillac). In the centre of the village there is turreted castle which offers a panoramic views of the village.
  • Perched on a cliff 100 metres above a bend in the River Lot, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a beautiful medieval village with a fortified church. Located in the centre of the Quercy Regional Park and just 30 kms from Cahors, the village was once the home of the artist Henri Martin and the writer André Breton. With its riverside setting and narrow streets, St-Cirq-Lapopie is a popular site for visitors.
  • In the north of the Lot, the small fortified village of Loubressac is located on a rocky outcrop and offers beautiful views over the Dordogne river valley. The American poet Sylvia Plath wrote "Stars over the Dordogne" during her stay at Loubressac in the summer of 1961. 
  • The medieval fortress of Capdenac-le-Haut stretches along a rocky cliff, which stands 110 meters a meander of the Lot river. The site has been habited since the Bronze Age and was the site of a famous battle between the Gallic tribes and the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (the Battle ofUxellodunum).
  • Loubressac, Lot FranceLocated on the banks of the Dordogne river in the north of the department, is the stunning village of Carennac. The village contains an 11th century Priory, a Romanesque church and the beautiful Château des Doyens.

Long term rentals Lot, France

lot creysse

Generally it is cheaper to rent a house in the Lot than the neighbouring department of Dordogne. Between October to April, a 1 bedroom property will generally rent for €550-€600 per month + bills, a 2 bedroom property for €750 per month + bills and a larger 4 bedroom character property for between €900-€1250 per month + bills. In the summer months, prices will be more expensive, sometimes double the off season monthly price. with Owners able to rent property on a weekly basis for the same if not more than the low season monthly price.

Here is a selection of long term rental properties currently available in the Lot department: 

Payrac long term rental Lot, France near Sarlat and Rocamadour Ref: 2047

Dordogne long term rentals in FranceThis beautifully situated 2 bedroom long term rental property in Lot, South West France, is conveniently located between the popular sites of Sarlat and Rocamadour. The house was built in 2019 and features a gorgeous master bedroom with breathtaking views over the village of Payrac. Start you day listening to the birds and enjoying a morning sunrise and cup of local French coffee from the comfort of your cosy double bed.

The house contains:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Beautiful countryside location
  • WiFi internet
  • Large garden
  • Private swimming pool
  • Close to restaurant and shop

This house is available to rent between October to May. The guide rental price is €800 per month + bills.

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Riverside farmhouse to rent long term in Lot France Ref: 1995

Dordogne long term rentals in FranceThis beautiful 3 bed farmhouse by the edge of the River Lot in South West France, is available for long term rentals between October to May from €1250 per month + bills. The farmhouse is located on the border of the Dordogne and Lot departments, in between Bergerac and Cahors. The nearby village of Albas has a restaurant and shop and within 15 mins you can visit some beautiful sites. The house contains:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Pet friendly
  • WiFi internet
  • Large garden
  • Direct access to river + rowing boats
  • Close to restaurant and shop

This house is available to rent between October to May. The guide rental price is €1850 per month + bills.

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Chateau Cardou - long term rentals in Lot-et-Garonne France (Ref: 2071)

Chateau long term rentals Lot FranceThis Chateau for long term rentals in France is located on the border of the Lot department and the neighbouring Lot-et-Garonne department in southwest France. This 6 bed Chateau in France comes with a private heated swimming pool, tennis court and is set within 120 acres of land. The Chateau is approached up a long private drive, through a new plantation of mixed firs and hardwood trees and surrounded by beautiful mature Chestnuts. The local countryside is spectacular, with hill-top fort towns, beautiful villages, wide river valleys and deep gorges. You can enjoy wonderful views over the local valleys. 

The property comes with:

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • Well-equipped kitchen + washing machine 
  • Private parking
  • Private swimming pool
  • Storage facility available
  • Large grounds (120 acres
  • Pet-friendly

The Chateau is available for long term rentals between October to June each year from €2500 per month + bills. In the summer the Chateau is reserved for weekly rentals, weddings and events. In addition to the rent, there is a monthly provision of €500 towards the electricity, heating, firewood, Wi-Fi and water. The prices quoted are based on a 6 month stay. Pets may be accepted through prior agreement. Minimum stay is 2 months and higher prices will apply during May-June.

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Lafage farmhouse for long term rentals Lot France (Ref: 2070)

Lot farmhouse long term rentals FranceThis farmhouse for long term rentals in the Lot department, France, is situated on a south-facing hillside and is surrounded by 12 acres of woodland and fields. The farmhouse is approached via a long driveway and comes with 3 bedrooms, a sunny terrace, open plan living room with open fireplace. Table-tennis can be played in the vaulted cellar.

This farmhouse will ideally suit a family or a couple who are used to living in older properties in a remote location. Part of the beauty of this farmhouse is that you can feel totally "lost in France" and enjoy the peace and quiet. The stunning Quercy region is a beautiful part of south-west France to enjoy a long winter rental or to spend a full year in France.

The property comes with:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Well-equipped kitchen + washing machine 
  • Private parking
  • WiFi
  • Large grounds (12 acres)
  • Character features: oak beams, exposed stone walls and original fireplace

Available for rental between October-May each year from €850 per month + bills. The Owner will accept pets through prior agreement. Minimum stay 3 months. 12 month rentals may be possible, although at a higher rate.

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Cottage in France for long term rentals sleeps 8 (Ref: 1502)

Pet friendly Long term rentals Dordogne FranceIf you are house hunting in the Dordogne, France, then these properties for long term rentals are a great place to be based. There are two long term let properties located in a beautifully-restored old stone barn. Both barns come with 4 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 people. The barns are comfortably furnished and benefit from UK TV, WiFi, a washing machine and plenty of outdoor space. Pets may also be accepted. The barns are situated in the small village of Fajoles, close to the Dordogne river and the beautiful villages of Domme, La Roque-Gageac and Sarlat. The property comes with:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Well-equipped kitchen + washing machine 
  • Private parking
  • WiFi and flat screen TV
  • Large garden
  • Pet-friendly

Available for rental between October-April each year from €950 per month + bills. The Owner will accept pets through prior agreement. Minimum stay 3 months. 

More Info


L'Ancienne Auberge long term rentals Lot France (Ref: 2006)

Lot farmhouse long term rentals FranceThis old stone farmhouse in the beautiful Lot region of South West France is available for long term rentals between October and May. The property comes with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a garden with pool, a beautiful lounge and a stunning kitchen.

The farmhouse was thought to have been used by the French Resistance during the Second World War and when the Owners first accessed the house, they discovered a makeshift table made from an old door resting on grenade boxes in one of the rooms.

The property comes with:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • Well-equipped kitchen + washing machine 
  • Private parking
  • WiFi
  • Large garden
  • Character features: oak beams, exposed stone walls, solid wooden floors and original fireplaces

Available for rental between October-May each year from €1500 per month + bills. The Owner will accept pets through prior agreement. Minimum stay 3 months. 

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