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Moving to & Living in France after Brexit in 2023

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Moving & Living in France after BrexitFollowing Brexit, it is still perfectly possible to move to France in 2023. You can stay for more than 90 days at a time. It is still possible for UK nationals (like Canadians, Americans & Australians) to live in France for 1 year to 4 years and also apply for permanent French Residency. Here we outline the steps you need to follow for moving to France after Brexit and how you can live in France long term..

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Moving to France from the UK in 7 simple steps

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retirement in franceIn this article we explain how you can move to France from the UK in 7 simple steps. Brexit has of course made things slightly more complicated, but it is still perfectly possible to live your dream of retiring to France or living in France whilst you work remotely.

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The 10 best places to live in France in 2023

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best places live in france bordeauxFrance regularly features in the Top 10 list of the best countries to move to. Here we analyse where are the 10 best places to live and work in France in 2023, covering the best French cities to work, to retire, to invest in property and the best places to study in France. We also cover the cheapest places in France to buy property.

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Retiring to France from the UK

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retirement in france848France has always been a popular destination for UK nationals to retire to. Currently, there are nearly 150,000 Britons living in France, making France the second most popular European country for British nationals (after Spain).

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Income requirements for French Residency & Long Stay Visa

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income requirements french residency365If you are looking to apply for French Residency or a Long Stay Visa (especially if you are a British National looking to move to France after Brexit), then there are a number of important criteria that you need to satisfy. There are actually, 4 main criteria that you must meet on your French Residency application. Here we discuss, the minimum income requirements that you must meet.

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French administration: 12 steps for a New Life in France

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set up in france365This is a checklist of all the things that you need to do to get set up for a New life in France. If you are moving to France on a permanent or long term basis (longer than 3 months), there are many administrative hurdles you need to overcome to get yourself established. This quick guide helps you navigate your way around French bureaucracy and get yourselves all set up for a successful life in France.

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Moving to France: opening a bank account in France

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opening a bank account in franceOne of the first jobs that you need to do when you are moving to France is to open a French bank account. Everything hinges on having a French bank account, so that you can have the utility bills in your name, register for a Carte Vitale (health insurance), pay your taxes in France, obtain house or Tenants insurance, etc, etc. Ideally, you need to open the bank account before you arrive in France.

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Moving to France: French driving licence & Registering a vehicle

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driving in france365If you are moving to France, the good news is that France recognizes a whole range of international driving licenses and you can legally drive on your foreign license for up to 12 months. But what happens then? What do you need to do to apply for a French driving licence? How do you register your vehicle in France and when do you need to do this? 

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Arranging Healthcare Insurance in France

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healthcare costs in franceThe French health care system is widely regarded as the best in the World. If you are planning on moving to France and to live here for more than 3 months at a time, then it is a legal requirement for you to have health insurance in place. There are 4 different ways to arrange healthcare coverage in France. To understand each health insurance option and which one will suit your circumstance, you firstly need to understand how the French healthcare system operates.

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Moving to France for a new life in 2023

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moving to franceIf you are thinking about Moving to France or Living in France for a long stay, I would just like to pass on some tips from our own experience. We have lived in France for 15 years now. We have had some great days and we have had some catastrophic days. But on the whole we have had more good days than bad days. 


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