rent in France long termIf you are looking for a long term rental in the South of France, then we have a number of Cottage properties suitable for rental all year around. At Long term rentals in France we personally inspect all the Cottages that we advertise to make sure that they are properly equipped for a long term let.

Houses for rent in France long termThese are the latest houses to rent in France long term that we have just added to Long term rentals in France. The houses are available to rent from October 2018, with many being available for monthly rentals all year around. Our houses for rent in Cote d'Azur are proving especially popular with customers, as well as a couple of new Provence houses to rent.

cote azur long term letsThe Cote d'Azur is a fantastic location for a long term rental in France. The weather is stunning, you will always find a festival or local market to visit and you can combine glitzy resorts with quaint old French villages. There is a fantastic range of Cote d'Azur properties for long term let in France - from 6 bedroom mansions overlooking the coast to beach apartments.

trump365I often heard it said, by Hollywood stars and musicians, that if Donald Trump got elected President of the United States, then they would leave the country. Well, I am not sure if Samuel L. Jackson, Cher, Amy Schumer and Barbara Streisand have all followed through on that promise, but there are certainly a lot of ordinary Americans who have. Since early 2017, we have seen a real upsurge in what we call Trump refugees, looking for a new life in France.

beziers france big wheelIn terms of a location for long term rentals in France, Beziers has everything going for it. It is just 10km from the Mediterranean coast. It has a great transport network. It has over 2,000 years of history and it is quickly regenerating itself for the 21st Century. So if you are looking for where to rent long term in France, then Beziers could be a good option to consider.

build house france 365I recently had the pleasure of meeting François Brunner & Olga Sanina, widely regarded as the best young Architects in the South of France. As an award-winning Architects who run renovation and new build construction projects across Southern France, I took the opportunity to ask Olga & François some of the typical questions that we often get asked by customers who are thinking of building a house in France.

x fayenceChoosing the right house to rent in France effectively comes down to 3 main considerations: size, budget and location. If you are looking for a house for long term rent in France during 2019, there are plenty of available properties to consider, but will these prove to be the right choice for your circumstances. Here we cover the main questions you should consider to give you a checklist on suitability.

marseillan3The coastal town of Marseillan has over the last 10 years become one of the most popular places to buy a house in the Languedoc region of France. It is pretty easy to see why. It is located on the coast, it has access to some of the best beaches on the Languedoc coast, it has a beautiful harbour lined with bars and restaurants, it is well-connected to local airports, the TGV and the road network and it has all the facilities and services you will need. In short, Marseillan is the perfect place to buy a holiday home or to live in South France.

investment5The role of a Notaire in France is often charecterised as being nothing more than a glorified tax collector. But they do provide some key services when buying a property in France. All property purchases in France must be conducted through a professionally licensed Notaire. The Notaire or Notary is a French lawyer, trained specifically in French property law. 

brexit365When the Brexit referendum results started filtering through in the early hours of 24 June 2016, in disbelief I reached for a bottle of my favourite Faugeres wine to numb the pain of what was sure to follow. If the economic forecasts were even 75% correct, we were now to face a cliff-edge drop in the economy and the business we had spent 10 years building would be doomed. But actually, Brexit has brought an unexpected upside for our business, but maybe not in the way we imagined.

st paul en foret2Here we have picked out 3 key considerations when searching for long term lets in France. During the last 10 years Long term rentals in France has established a reputation as the leading provider of long term let properties in South France. One reason for this is that we visit all of our long term lets personally.

retourIt is official, the French property market has turned the corner and continued growth is forecast for 2018 and beyond. 2018-19 is now looking like being the best time to buy property in France for over a decade. Indeed, FNAIM, the professional body for real estate agents in France is forecasting house price increases of between 3 and 5% in France during 2019. 

idleHere we explain how owning your dream property in the South of France could be a lot easier than you thought. Buying a house in France and capitalising on the buoyant holiday rental market, is a growing trend for property investors in France. Whether you are looking to invest a lump sum or to develop a pension pot, we explain why now is the right time to buy property in South France.

languedoc houses to rent long termWhen you are looking for a quiet, rural place in France to live, with spectacular scenery and plenty of cheap houses to rent long term, then the Southern France region of Haut Languedoc is a great area to look. The Haut Languedoc Regional Park is 45mins inland from the Mediterranean coast and here you can experience a relaxed French way of life. 

property management3Buying a new build property in the South of France is a tempting proposition. With land in Languedoc still cheaper than some of its Mediterranean neighbours and plenty of houses being built, now could be the time to consider buying that villa in the South of France. With the promise of getting the house built to your exact requirements, you may think that this is the ideal solution to owning a dream house abroad. But there are some considerations you need to be aware of.

long-term-rentals-franceTo help you find the perfect area to rent a property in France, we have prepared a list of the most popular long term rental locations in South France. If you are planning a long vacation in the South of France, then let us help you find the best area to be based. This is not an exhaustive list, but from my knowledge and travels around Languedoc, Provence and the South of France, I would recommend the following 10 places as good options for long term rentals in France:

investment property franceIf you are looking to invest in property in France in 2019, where should you look to buy? Where can you pick up property at reasonable prices? Where can you make a good return on rental yields? Where can you expect strong capital growth? Where is the best place to live in France? The answer to all these questions is the South of France.

pet-friendly rentals france365We are often asked by customers to find long term rentals in France which are pet friendly, whether it be dogs, cats or we even had a 10 foot snake once! So we have put together a selection of the best pet-friendly rentals on Long term rentals in France, to make it easier to find the perfect property for a long stay in France with pets.

property-advice-franceThis morning I was contacted by a customer looking for advice on buying a property in South France. This is literally the email I sent to him with my thoughts on what type of properties to buy and critically where to buy in France. We do get asked these questions a lot and this particular customer has summarised the general pattern for prospective house buyers.

x pezenas franceThe quaint medieval town of Pezenas is one of the prettiest towns in South France and a great choice for finding long term rental properties. We have highlighted 12 popular Pezenas properties that are available for long term rentals (3-12 months) from January 2019. There is a good range of rental properties in Pezenas to suit all budgets and family sizes. The town also has everything that you could need from a long stay in the South of France: good shops, good transport connections, beautiful countryside and close to the beach. 

hobson logoIf you are looking to brush up on your French whilst you are staying in France or you want to undertake an intensive French Language training programme, let me recommend the Centre Hobson French Language School in Beziers to you. If you are planning on a long stay in France, then getting your French up to a decent level helps you to get the most out of your stay.

366 property market france 2019After continued strong growth in 2018, the French property market in 2019 is expected to to continue its upward trend, although the pattern of houses sales across France will not be uniform. House prices in some areas of France, like Bordeaux, Brest and Saint Etienne will continue their strong growth. Areas around Toulouse and Montpellier will stabilise in terms of house price rises and sales. And some areas like Angers, Nancy and Orleans will fall into decline.

Provence cottages to rent long termThe marvellous region of Provence is the perfect destination to enjoy a long rental in the South of France. The beautiful Provence region of the South of France is ever bit as magical as you imagine. The lavender fields, hilltop villages and the historical cities of Avignon, Arles and Aix en Provence all combine to create a wonderful destination for a long vacation in the South of France. 

french-flag365I was on a plane recently and the man next to me asked the same question that everybody asks after I have told them that I live in France: "Why did you move to France?". Now I could understand it if I had said that I live in Uzbekistan, that he or she would be intrigued to find out the story behind the move. But isn't it obvious why you would move to France? 

aniane366The village of Aniane, is great place to buy a house in France. This South France village is very beautiful and is served by excellent transport connections. From a property investment perspective, properties in Aniane can enjoy very good annual rental yields from summer holiday rentals, as well as long winter lets. Furthermore, with property prices in nearby Montpellier predicted to spike significantly over the next 3-5 years, the ripple-effect across the Montpellier commuter-belt will also benefit houses in Aniane. Buying a house in Aniane, France, could well turn out to be your most-loved investment.

marseillan france long term rentalsThe coastal town of Marseillan has over the last 10 years become one of the most popular places for long term rentals in the Languedoc region of South France. It is fairly easy to see why. It has access to some of the best beaches on the Languedoc coast, it has a beautiful harbour ringed with bars and restaurants. It has excellent transport links. Here we explain why Marseillan has become the most enduring long term rentals hot spot in South France.

investment4With the UK and Ireland markets for buy-to-lets already saturated and the Spanish property market experiencing troubles, Investors are beginning to turn their attention to Languedoc in South of France. Here Paddy Gibbins, our resident Property Investment Specialist, covers the issues to consider before investing in property in the South of France. 

french house rental pricesThese are the average house rental prices in Southern France for a long term rentals between October and May for rentals during 2019 to 2020. These house rental prices apply to our main area of operation in South France - so covering the Languedoc, Midi-Pyrenees, Dordogne, Provence and Cote d'Azur. You will pay an additional premium of around 15% for rental properties in Toulouse, Montpellier, Avignon, Cannes and Nice.

buy house franceIf you are looking to invest in property abroad during 2019, maybe to fund your retirement, then let me outline why I think you should consider buying a house in France. From an initial investment of €75,000-€100,000, you can own a villa in the South of France fully paid off in 15 years and what is more, when you come to retire you can pick up an annual pre-tax income of around €24,000. Too good to be true? Let me convince you otherwise. 

house prices france 2019House prices in France rose by +3.2% during the year to November 2018. This is the 11th consecutive quarter of year-on-year price increases. House prices increases in France now stand at its highest level since Q4 2011 (source: National Institute for Statistical and Economic Studies (INSEE)). The forecast for house prices in France for 2019 shows an increase of between +2% to +3%. Here we explain why 2019 really is becoming the best time to buy property in France.

meze366bThe coastal town of Meze is a real gem of a place to live in the South of France. Located on the shores of the Etang du Thau, a salt water lake separated from the Mediterranean sea by a thin strip of golden sand; Meze is an old fishig village with a lovely harbour area and two sandy beaches. During 2019, I predict that Meze will fast become a French property hot spot to rival Collioure, Pezenas and Montpellier.

french property2If you own a house in France and you are thinking about renting it out for either summer rentals or longer term rentals, then there are a number of factors you need to consider. Every year, over 1,000 new holiday homes are added to the exisiting stock of villas and gites advertised on Trip Advisor, Owners Direct and Home Away. With the market for vacation rentals in Languedoc becoming increasingly competitive over the now is the time to get serious about marketing your holiday home for short and long term holiday rentals.

cheap property for sale france365bThis cheap property for sale in South France is a large house in the charming wine making village of Neffies near Pezenas. This charming property offers many original features and comes with wonderful panoramic views of the village and vineyards beyond. The property is available for €207,000.

investment7If you are buying a property in France then you need to be aware of the taxation costs involved. Often the French property taxes can have a big hit on people's budgets. In this article, Paddy Gibbins, from Artaxa Real Estate, gives you the in's and out's of all the different French Property taxes.

cap dagde365There are 5 very good reasons why you should consider investing in property in France during 2019. Whether you are looking to add to your buy-to-let property portfolio or to purchase a second home; the South of France represents an exceptional opportunity. Forget Provence and Cote d'Azur, the area we are focusing on for property investment in South France is the Languedoc region.

French rental propertiesHere are some of our most popular rental properties in France currently advertised on Long term rentals in France. We specialise in monthly French rental properties in the South of France. Our featured rental properties cover popular locations such as Carcassonne, Perpignan, Montpellier, Nimes, Sete and Pezenas.

sete apartments long term rentThe busy port town of Sete is a popular destination for customers looking for long term rental properties on the Languedoc coast. Don't be put off by the slightly scruffy outskirts to the town, in the centre you will find some beautiful old buildings built around a canal system. We love Sete and it has become one of the fastest growing property hot spots in the Languedoc. 

x-nezignan366There are a number of reasons why the village of Nezignan l'Eveque in South France has become such a property hotspot in the last 10 years. Firstly, it is without doubt one of the prettiest villages in this part of Languedoc. With it's cicular streets surrounding the old church and its old stone buildings, it is a beautiful environment. The historic centre of the village is lovely to walk around, with many buildings dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

carcassonne houses rentalThe countryside around Carcassonne has proved to be a very popular place to rent in the last couple of years. Here is a selection of 11 houses currently available for long term rentals in the Carcassonne area of Southern France. Carcassonne has everything you need as a base for a long stay in France - great transport links, good shops, excellent restaurants and of course the most magnificent castle in France.

282 property 282a1A customer recently asked me for advice on where to buy a house in France. I advised him to look at one of the 5 star villages surrounding Pezenas. The reason why I call them 5 star villages is because there are 5 of them and when you highlight them on a map, they form a star pattern around the historic town of Pezenas. I also call them 5 star villages because they are simply the best villages to live in.

annual-rental-property-france365It is not always easy to find an annual rental property in France. French landlords are very wary of renting property on an unfurnished rental contract because the law in France is firmly on the side of the tenant. There are a number of options for finding furnished (or part-furnished) annual rental properties in France, but this can be difficult if you do not have a French bank account or tax records.

Kids activities south franceIf you are planning on coming to the South of France with your children for a long term stay, then here are some excellent ideas on what you can do to keep them entertained. The South of France is a wonderful place for children to grow up. Take it from me, I have 3 boys who have spent most of their lives here and they do not plan on leaving any time soon.

nimesNimes is a superb place to rent a house long term in France. With its beautiful Roman architecture and surrounded by glorious countryside, excellent TGV and road connections and excellent local food and wine; Nimes is one of my favourite cities in South France. Nimes really is a great choice as a destination for a long stay in the South of France.

winter-rentals-france365More and more people are choosing the South of France for a long winter vacation. At Long term rentals in France we have established a reputation as the leading provider of winter lets in South France. One reason for this is that we visit all of our long winter lets personally to capture more information about the layout of the house, the facilities and the locality. Another reason is that we live permanently in the South of France and we have amassed a great deal of local knowledge about the different regions and areas.

x-pezenas-street1These latest 9 houses to rent in and around Pezenas, France, that we have added to Long term rentals in France. All are all available for monthly rentals from January 2019. Pezenas is a great location for a long term house rental - it has a good range of shops, good transport connections, it is close to the beach and the town itself is one of the prettiest places in South France.

rent a house franceIf you are looking to come to France during 2018-2019, either to study, or to work or for a long vacation; finding a suitable house to rent is obviously going to be high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, the French system is not that geared up to helping foreign nationals to rent a house on a monthly basis, especially if they have no previous financial history in France. There are however some ways around this if you know the system. Here we explain some of the options available to you to rent a house in France long term.

investment6French Mortgage rates in France during 2019 will remain at historically low levels. With French banks will continuing to push lending to clients (both to French nationals and to foreign investors), the French property market will remain strong. Here we explain why 2019 really is becoming the best time to buy property in France.


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