pet-friendly rentals france365We are often asked by customers to find long term rentals in France which are pet friendly, whether it be dogs, cats or we even had a 10 foot snake once! So we have put together a selection of the best pet-friendly rentals on Long term rentals in France, to make it easier to find the perfect property for a long stay in France with pets.

rent a house franceIf you are looking to come to France during 2018-2019, either to study, or to work or for a long vacation; finding a suitable house to rent is obviously going to be high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, the French system is not that geared up to helping foreign nationals to rent a house on a monthly basis, especially if they have no previous financial history in France. There are however some ways around this if you know the system. Here we explain some of the options available to you to rent a house in France long term.

x fayenceChoosing the right house to rent in France effectively comes down to 3 main considerations: size, budget and location. If you are looking for a house for long term rent in France during 2019, there are plenty of available properties to consider, but will these prove to be the right choice for your circumstances. Here we cover the main questions you should consider to give you a checklist on suitability.

Provence cottages to rent long termThe marvellous region of Provence is the perfect destination to enjoy a long rental in the South of France. Here we present 9 properties in Provence available for long term rentals in 2020. Provence is ever bit as magical as you imagine. The lavender fields, hilltop villages and the historical cities of Avignon, Arles and Aix en Provence all combine to create a wonderful destination for a long vacation in the South of France. 

cote azur long term letsThe Cote d'Azur is a fantastic location for a long term rental in France. The weather is stunning, you will always find a festival or local market to visit and you can combine glitzy resorts with quaint old French villages. There is a fantastic range of Cote d'Azur properties for long term let in France - from 6 bedroom mansions overlooking the coast to beach apartments.

sete apartments long term rentThe busy port town of Sete is a popular destination for customers looking for long term rental properties on the Languedoc coast. Don't be put off by the slightly scruffy outskirts to the town, in the centre you will find some beautiful old buildings built around a canal system. We love Sete and it has become one of the fastest growing property hot spots in the Languedoc. 

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