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10 Cottages to rent in France long term in 2023

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cottages rent in France long termIf you are looking for a long term rental in the South of France during 2023, then we have a number of French Cottage properties suitable for rental all year around. At Long term rentals in France we personally inspect all the Cottages that we advertise to make sure that they are properly equipped for a long term let.

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9 Montpellier long term rental properties France for 2023

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Montpellier long term rental properties FranceMontpellier is a great place to be based for a long term rental in France. Montpellier is the fastest growing city in France and it has everything you need for a long stay in France. Here we feature some popular long term rental properties close to Montpellier which are currently available for rent during 2023.

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Buying real estate in France in 2023: French Property taxes

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french property taxesIf you are buying a property in France in 2023 then you need to be aware of the real estate taxation costs involved. Often the French property taxes can have a big hit on people's budgets. In this article, Paddy Gibbins, from Artaxa Real Estate, gives you the in's and out's of all the different French Property taxes.

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The role of a Notaire in France?

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role of notary in FranceThe role of a Notaire in France is often characterised as being nothing more than a glorified tax collector. But they do provide some key services when buying a property in France. All property purchases in France must be conducted through a professionally licensed Notaire. The Notaire or Notary is a French lawyer, trained specifically in French property law. 

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Buying a house in France: checklist of how to get it right

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buying house in france365Buying a house is always an emotional experience, but from what I have observed, buying a house in France is especially emotionally driven. Here is a checklist of things to consider when buying property in France to help you make that right decision. 

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Rental calculator investment property South France in 2023

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investment property calculatorIf you are considering investing in property in South of France during 2023, our rental calculator shows that for the right property investment decision, you can expect to earn between 7-10% return annually. The rental figures combine both short summer holiday lets and long term winter rental income. 

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14 long term rental properties France [available in 2023]

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long term rentals in france 2023This selection of houses for long term rental in South France are all currently available from January 2023. Some of the properties will take 12 month all year around rentals, but some are reserved for weekly rentals during the summer months. The prices quoted exclude the utility bills (which as a rough rule of thumb come to around 15-18% of the monthly rental price).

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French Property: Buying a new build in France

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property management3Buying a new build property in the South of France during 2023 is a tempting proposition. With land in Languedoc still cheaper than some of its Mediterranean neighbours and plenty of houses being built, now could be the time to consider buying that villa in the South of France. 

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Moving to France: French driving licence & Registering a vehicle

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driving in france365If you are moving to France, the good news is that France recognizes a whole range of international driving licenses and you can legally drive on your foreign license for up to 12 months. But what happens then? What do you need to do to apply for a French driving licence? How do you register your vehicle in France and when do you need to do this? 

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Why you should buy a house in France in 2023

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buy house franceIf you are looking to invest in property abroad during 2023, then buying a villa in the South of France provides an opportunity to benefit from rental yields approaching 9.00% and an annual pre-tax income of around €24,000. Too good to be true? Let me convince you otherwise.

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Moving to & Living in France after Brexit in 2023

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Moving & Living in France after BrexitFollowing Brexit, it is still perfectly possible to move to France in 2023. You can stay for more than 90 days at a time. It is still possible for UK nationals (like Canadians, Americans & Australians) to live in France for 1 year to 4 years and also apply for permanent French Residency. Here we outline the steps you need to follow for moving to France after Brexit and how you can live in France long term..

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14 properties for Winter lets in France (2022-2023)

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winter-rentals-france365More and more people are choosing the South of France for a long winter vacation. At Long term rentals in France we have established a reputation as the leading provider of winter lets in South France. Here we feature 14 properties to rent over the winter in France during 2022-23.

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Nimes long term houses to rent in France

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nimesNimes is a superb place to rent a house long term in France. With its beautiful Roman architecture and surrounded by glorious countryside, excellent TGV and road connections and excellent local food and wine; Nimes is one of my favourite cities in South France. Nimes really is a great choice as a destination for a long stay in the South of France.

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Marseillan long term rentals by the coast in France 2023

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marseillan france long term rentalsThe coastal town of Marseillan has become one of the most popular places for long term rentals in the Languedoc region of South France. It is fairly easy to see why. It has access to some of the best beaches on the Languedoc coast, it has a beautiful harbour ringed with bars and restaurants and it has excellent transport links.

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