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Should I buy investment property in France

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investment property franceIf you are investing in property in France in 2023, where should you buy? Where can you pick up property in France at reasonable prices? Which areas of France offer the best return on investment? Where can you expect strong capital growth? Where are the best places to live in France? The answer is the South of France.

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17 Large properties in France to rent long term in 2023

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Large France long term rentalsThis collection of 4 and 5 bedroom properties to rent in France are all available for monthly rentals starting in January 2023. Some of these large properties in France can be rented long term for up to 12 months (and longer) but some are reserved for weekly holiday rentals during July and August.

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Why you should buy a house in France in 2023

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buy house franceIf you are looking to invest in property abroad during 2023, then buying a villa in the South of France provides an opportunity to benefit from rental yields approaching 9.00% and an annual pre-tax income of around €24,000. Too good to be true? Let me convince you otherwise.

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Property renovation in France: advice from an Architect

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property renovation france365We often get asked by clients for help and assistance in finding suitable renovation properties in Southern France. I recently met with two award-winning Architects, François Brunner and Olga Sanina, so I took the opportunity to ask them some of the typical questions about house renovation in France and the pitfalls to avoid when renovating property. 

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Buying a house in France: checklist of how to get it right

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buying house in france365Buying a house is always an emotional experience, but from what I have observed, buying a house in France is especially emotionally driven. Here is a checklist of things to consider when buying property in France to help you make that right decision. 

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Long term lets in France - finding the dream property

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long term lets in franceIf you are looking for long term lets in France in 2023, there are many factors that you will need to consider to find the right property for you. Here we have picked out 3 key considerations when searching for long term let properties in France: budget, location and size.

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Haut Languedoc houses for long term rental South of France

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languedoc houses to rent long termWhen you are looking for a quiet, rural place in France to live, with spectacular scenery and plenty of cheap houses to rent long term, then the Haut Languedoc region in South France is a great area to look. The Haut Languedoc Regional Park is 45mins inland from the Mediterranean coast and here you can experience a relaxed French way of life. 

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Why did you move to France?

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french-flag365I was on a plane a few years back and the man next to me asked the same question that I always get asked: "Why did you move to France?". It is a simple question, with a complex answer. But also, isn't it obvious why you would move to France? 

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Rental calculator investment property South France in 2023

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investment property calculatorIf you are considering investing in property in South of France during 2023, our rental calculator shows that for the right property investment decision, you can expect to earn between 7-10% return annually. The rental figures combine both short summer holiday lets and long term winter rental income. 

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French mortgage interest rates in France 2023

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French mortgage rates 2022The interest rates on French Mortgages during 2023 are forecast to rise to around 3.0% by the end of the year. French banks are continuing to lend money for house purchases, with the total value of home loans standing at €18.3 billion at the start of 2023. Here we explain why 2023 still remains a good time to buy property in France.

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20 Pet-friendly long term rental properties in France

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pet-friendly rentals france365Don't leave your best friend at home. Search for pet-friendly houses to rent long term in France during 2023. We have the widest selection of cat & dog-friendly properties to rent on a monthly basis in Southern France. We have put together this selection of 20 pet-friendly long term rental properties in France, currently available for rent in 2023.

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How to rent a house in France long term

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rent a house franceIf you are looking to come to France during 2023, either to study, or to work or for a long vacation; finding a suitable house to rent is obviously going to be high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, the French system is not that geared up to helping foreign nationals rent a house on a monthly basis, especially if they have no previous financial history in France. 

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French property hot spot: Meze South France

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meze366bThe coastal town of Meze is a real gem of a place to live in the South of France and an excellent location to buy a house in France. Meze is an old fishing village with a lovely harbour area and two sandy beaches and fast becoming a property hot spot in South France.

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Property checklist for a long term rental in France

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checklist long term rentals franceIf you are looking for a long term rental in France during 2023, we have produced a handy checklist of items to consider to help you choose the most suitable property to rent long term. These are the 8 most common questions we are asked by rental clients.

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Income requirements for French Residency & Long Stay Visa

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income requirements french residency365If you are looking to apply for French Residency or a Long Stay Visa (especially if you are a British National looking to move to France after Brexit), then there are a number of important criteria that you need to satisfy. There are actually, 4 main criteria that you must meet on your French Residency application. Here we discuss, the minimum income requirements that you must meet.

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